Our Team

Lorraine Leibbrandt
-Owner, Founder & Trainer-

Besides the fact that I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I have an absolute passion for puppy development, learning theory and helping muggles to understand and communicate with their padfoots effectively. I have shadowed and studied through McKaynine Training Centre and passed the Learn Canine course with merit. I am currently studying to become an Animal Behaviourist through COAPE.

Other certificates and courses I have completed includes:

  • Learn Canine (McKaynine Training Centre)
  • Dog Cognition and Emotion (Duke University)
  • SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy (Dr Ian Dunbar)
  • Behaviour Problems Crash Course (Dunbar Academy)
  • Puppy Raiser Course for Retrieving Independence (Nikki Ivey)
  • Dog CPR, First Aid, Safety for pet pros (Melanie Monteiro)

Michaela Lendowsky
-Headmaster & Trainer-

I’ve always had a huge passion for animals, especially dogs. I have shadowed various trainers and behaviorists for two years and I studied Canine behaviour and Training through Pet Sense College.


At the moment I am studying Animal Behaviour through COAPE and will be working to become an internationally accredited behaviorist.

My goal is to help strengthen the bond between animals and their humans. I also want people to learn that all training can be done positively using force free methods.

Calika Morries
- One-on-One Trainer & Behaviourist -

Animals have always been a huge part of my life, I can’t imagine life without them. Both dogs and horses have been a saving grace for me through some very tough times.
I have worked under various trainers who mentored me in training and animal behaviour. I have completed my advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour  at Pet Sense College and passed with merit.  I am currently busy studying Animal Behaviour through COAPE.

Other degrees and certificates I have obtained includes:

  • BA, BA (Hons) Criminology
  • Venomous snakes handling course
  • First aid for dogs

My goal is to help people understand their companion animals and their behaviour and in turn, have the ultimate unbreakable bond.


Danyelle Fourie
- Basic Obedience Trainer -

I’ve always had a huge passion for animals. It’s been a childhood dream to work with them and although my original goal was to become a veterinarian, I have learned through shadowing several vets that my heart would never be able to handle some cases vets come across.

During my school years, I have built up a lot of knowledge in the animal field including medical, as well as behavioural knowledge. I compled my Canine Behavior and Training Diploma through Pet Sense College.

My goal is show people what can be accomplished through positive reinforcement and help them understand their pets better.

As a dog mom of 4, I always learn new things from my own animals. Other than having completed my diploma, every day is an opportunity to learn through my animals.