Ravenpaws - Basic Obedience Classes

Basic Obedience class Information:

This basic obedience class is ideal to follow Puppy or Charm classes. Obedience class is not designed to address or solve severe behavioral problems, rather we focus getting our dogs to learn the basics of Obedience and to enjoy it! Enrollments can be done at any time, as classes are structured to run in a continuous order.

*Please book your space in advance, as our classes fill up VERY quickly and we have limited space. 

Time: Mondays 17:00-18:00
OR      Saturdays @ 7:30-8:30

Place: Tipperary Way, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0081 (Valleisig Church grounds)
Duration: 6 week course (6 x 1hour lessons)
Price: R980
Trainer: Michaela Lendowsky & Danyelle Fourie

Class Requirements:

  • Dogs of any age can join this obedience class. If your dog is younger than 8 months, not aggressive and had no previous training, please consider our Charm class.
  • Group classes are not suitable for aggressive, reactive, or extremely fearful dogs. We suggest private training for these dogs.
  • Your dog will need to have all its inoculations up to date in order to be accepted.
  • Your dog will need to be free of ticks and fleas.
  • We like to keep our classes small so that we give every muggle and doggo the attention they deserve, so book your space early.

What will we learn?

  • In this class, we focus on getting reliable behaviour from our dogs.
  • Basic obedience exercises are done without lures, at a distance and while phasing out treats.
  • Dogs get to socialise a little bit in this class, provided all dogs are friendly, but the focus is more on “working” than playing.
  • We teach muggles theory about reversing bad habits and how to manage the most common unwanted behaviours.
  • We make sure that the dogs can do the following basic obedience exercises reliably in the presence of other dogs, muggles and distractions.
    • Focus
    • Heelwork/walking on lead
    • Ignoring distractions on walks
    • Sit/Stay
    • Down/Stay
    • Wait & Come
    • Recall
    • Place
    • Leave it
    • Scent game
    • Touch game
    • Catch (coordination)
    • Push-ups
    • Paw targeting

Ravenpaws class enrollment: