About Us

We are a completely force-free dog training school in Pretoria East. We believe in positive reinforcement training methods and we have the best jobs in the world.

We offer four major classes namely Hufflepups, Gryffindogs, Ravenpaws & Slobberin. All of our classes have a uniquely thought-out syllabus for specific ages and advancements of our padfoot students.

We have an amazing team of qualified trainers that has a passion for what they do and are committed to giving the absolute best to their muggle and padfoot students.

We love to help each and every dog that crosses our path thrive, reach their full potential and have fun doing it!

Our classes

Puppy Classes
Ages: 8 -16 weeks
Cost: R1100
Duration: 6 x 1hour classes

Tuesdays @17:00 (Small breeds)
Thursdays @17:00 (Big breeds)
Saturdays @9:00 (All sizes)

Charm Classes
Ages: 4-7months
Cost: R1150
Duration: 6 x 1hour classes

Wednesdays @17:00 (Small breeds)
Fridays @17:00 (Big breeds)
Saturdays @9:00 (All sizes)

Basic Obedience Classes
Ages: 8+months
Cost: R1030
Duration: 6 x 1hour classes

Mondays @17:30
Saturdays @7:30

Advanced Obedience
Ages: All ages (previous obedience training essential)
Cost: R550 per month
Duration: 4 x 1h classes

Fridays @17:00

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